Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies in minutes

I have been making the same chocolate chip cookies for about 20 years. The recipe never changes, in fact I can recite it without looking. It’s so easy and there is only one little trick to making them gooey and rich.

I am a bit picky about what flour I use, primarily because I live not too far away from the Arva Flour Mill in Arva, Ontario, Canada. This flour is milled the old fashioned way, and it is worth a stop to see all the great products they have in their store. If you don’t live close, there is an online store at https://www.arvaflourmill.com/ It’s free shipping in Ontario and Quebec. And if you like all natural vanilla extract, pop into the Millhouse right beside it for excellent quality vanilla and lots of organic products to choose from. Here is the website http://arvamillhouse.com/ (I’m not getting paid to promote these places, just a personal favorite)



Assemble all the ingredients and ensure that you follow the instructions on the package of Chipits! That’s right…….I just follow the instructions on the package.



Mix it together as the instructions say and I use a small ice cream scoop to ensure that the cookies are even and uniform in size. But here is the catch…….the key to great cookies is to bake them on a stone pan. I use Pampered Chef’s Bar Pan and I find that they are cooked just enough on both sides. Gooey on the inside!! Even after they cool, they are so yummy.



You can see I’ve used my Bar Pan ALOT!! But it is the easiest and most durable when it comes to baking something to perfection. And as you can see below, the cookies are delicious looking, soft and smooth!!

20171114_214512 (1).jpg

If you love a glass of milk or a tea with cookies, these Hershey Chipit cookies are awesome!!

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