We have been at the cottage for a few days and this is my routine (kids are not here). Get up (roughly 10am) have tea, make breakfast, walk dogs, read book, experiment with a difficult recipe (doesn’t work out), have a nap, cruise Pinterest, have another nap, read some more, have hubby make me dinner, drink wine, talk, walk on beach, go to bed. Repeat. Well today I thought it might be nice to actually do something productive. There is lots of old furniture in the cottage that could use some paint so here is today’s project.

cottage dresser 1As you can see, not too pretty. The typical 80’s oak. It is a good piece, very solid but very dated.

CountryChicPaintTwo coats of #CountryChicPaint colour #Harmony and I sanded one side and left the other side as is to test the adhesion of the paint. Was there any difference? Nope!! No prep was needed on this baby!

Distressed edges

I took a very fine grit sandpaper to the edges and then used natural wax then some antique wax to age it. It took under 10 minutes to distress it.

brass handle

I kept the brass handle, I didn’t paint it. And I found this old jug in the shed, thought it looked rather nice.

So today’s project proved to me that #CountryChicPaint needs very little to no prep. I think this will look gorgeous in the girls bunkie.



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