Upcycling Our Cottage Kitchen!

Five years ago I married my best friend and  in addition to marrying a lovely mate, I acquired an incredible handyman. He was excited to share his family cottage with my kids and myself. First purchased by his parents in 1948 he bought it off them in 1994. When I arrived on the scene it was a lovely mix of 1948 meets 1972 with many “vintage” (I say that tongue in cheek!) items  adorning the brown paneled walls.

This is a second marriage and the difficulty for the new spouse (that would be me!!) is feeling like a visitor at this cottage rather than part of the family. For the first few years, I sat back and said nothing. Then we decided to winterize the cottage so my (retired) husband had a place to go to every once in a while for a break from his new step (hormonal) daughters and still employed wife!!

As time marched on and we began discussing changes, we came to an agreement on our vision for the place.

Vintage Pine Kitchen


We agreed that there was a little too much dark wood. The kitchen was pine, the livingroom was dark panelling and every room was a dark wood. The kitchen was this very little space with a bedroom that had no walls that went to the ceiling. We knocked out the walls and expanded the kitchen. Yanked out the cupboards but instead of disgarding them, we painted them white.

Country Chic Paint and open shelves

We knocked out a wall and put up beadboard and tiles. The tiles are actually plastic and we purchased them from Home Depot on the discount shelf. I think they were $1.00 per piece. (it cost us $15 to do the whole wall). They are called smart tiles and they look great!

We decided to have open shelving and painted it in Country Chic Paint, colour Bliss!! Finished with a couple of coats of TopCoat!  LOVE IT!! These dishes I found at the Goodwill and they look great with their dark blue border.

Faux counter and open shelfWe purchased a faux marble countertop and left the shelving exposed. I plan on making a skirt to front the cupboard. I just have to figure out the dimensions and remember how to sew!!

kitchen03Here are the old cupboards with some white paint and new hardware! My hubby picked out the hardware, he really has good taste, don’t you think?

I am loving the new space, this winter we are going to lay the floors! What kind of floors do you think we need? Let me know!



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