Roots, Canada Day and Family!

Happy July 1st Canada! I love this day. Why? Well because there really isn’t a lot of baggage attached to this day. You know what I mean, no gathering of all the family under severe distress, no presents to exchange, the weather is warm so walks on the beach and fireworks at night make for a fun day.

IMG_0325The only mandatory item for Canada Day is the red and white t-shirt. This tradition started when our local Sears was selling shirts for $4, I couldn’t resist.

DSCN0147Goofy hats are a must, actually anything with red, white and Canada is a must!

2012-07-01 10.16.59This is a DIY face painting by my daughter. I think that is a maple leaf on her face!! I hate to curb creativity so her sister added the writing. Taking it off will be another story!!

2012-07-01 21.47.11I have to admit that I own A LOT of Roots clothing. I am not being paid to #loveRoots) What does Roots have to do with Canada Day?  Roots has been making all cotton clothing with the Canadian logo since I can remember and I have this addiction to the feel of the clothing. The company has become synonymous with Canadian pride (and comfort). Sweatpants and tops are so comfy especially in the middle of a cold Canadian winter!! When it comes time to say goodbye to them it is only because I have splattered paint on them.

Roots SweatshirtAs you can see, I love to be comfy when I paint, it is a bit of an expensive cover for my clothing but lets my creativity flow!!!!!!! Stay tuned, I actually broke down and bought some new Roots stuff as they were having a big sale!! Perhaps a Canada Day sale???

I hope you have a wonderful holiday today! We are very lucky to live in such a great place with so many freedoms!!


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