10 Tips to Get You Ready For a Great Vacation

I am sure that most of you can relate to what I am about to say…….First and foremost, I love my husband……..BUT……while he is out polishing the vehicle, trying to organize his GPS, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to finish laundry, pack our family for all sorts of  weather, organize emergency numbers etc……Going away is exciting but can also be stressful. Every summer we pack up and head to our haven in the north. Long walks on a sandy beach, bonfires, roasted marshmellows, and my favorite…….quiet!  Here is my top 10 list to make  it a bit easier.

1. Make a list of what needs to be accomplished before you take off. I am famous for remember things in my sleep, I actually have a notepad beside my bed so when the light goes on at 3am, I can write it down and go back to sleep.


2. Divide said list into manageable chunks and then enlist the help of hubby and older kids. Even the younger ones can help out. My daughters are old enough to pack themselves but the younger one may pack 6 t-shirts but forget shorts so I do a double check for her.

3. If you are going to a cottage with pets, make sure you have their shots up to date and bring skunk off! There is nothing worse than staying up late and trying to figure out where the closest pharmacy is at 1am.

4. Bring board games, cards, books…(I love to go to yard sales and find the latest books to read). Maybe it is just me but I still like a book vs. an e reader on the beach. It is easier to see and I don’t have to worry about charging it or getting sand on it.

5. Make a family plan or pact and have the kids have their say as well regarding how much time is going to be unplugged and plugged in. My oldest has a boyfriend and their main mode of communication is texting, we agreed one hour per day and then shut off. To be honest, it will be mom that has the hardest time!!


6. Do some web research first so that you know the local sights and can take in the new scene. As a thrifter, I like to figure out via Kijijji, what yard sales are on, what markets are on what days and then go!! When I am out of country (which isn’t very often) I like to find out about local customs and cuisine.

7. Pack clothing for all temperatures because you never know if you are going to need pants or shorts, long sleeve or short sleeve.

8. Pack a first aid kit. I know that sounds like I am getting a first time camper ready for a week away, but, I have often found that resort areas prices are usually much higher than prices at home…..for even the simplest things……so band-aids, ointments, calamine lotion or bug off is best purchased before. And…..especially………..sunscreen!

first aid kit

9. Let your neighbours know you are gone so they can watch for suspicious activity at the house. Let them know if anyone other than family is expected to come by and by all means, leave them a contact number.

10. Have fun! Creating memories for ourselves and our children is one of the free things in this world that has lasting impact forever!


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