Miss Mustard Seed Paint

I have been working with #CountryChicPaint,  a Chalk and Mineral based paint and loving it!! I love it so much that I became a retailer. However, I had never tried Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. My colleague Jenna Ann is also a retailer of MMSP and so I purchased some and take a look at the outcome so far.

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

I love to shop so I stocked up on bonding agent, wax and of course the all important paint!! I already have a number of brushes for the job so I didn’t need to purchase any more.


For a number of years I kept the Bombay Company in business. Mid 90’s and beyond, my house was furnished with much of this dark wood. When I met my husband and we merged our families, I was surprised to find that he was a fan of this dark wood. However, it is time to move , lighten up and try my DIY hand!!

Coat #1 of Grain Sack

It is so easy to mix this paint. Water and paint……..mix well, paint!! And it is a gorgeous colour.


I used a clear wax and then used antique wax. I have to say that MMS wax goes on soooo buttery smooth and dries very quickly.

burnished handlesBelieve it or not, I went to purchase new handles but couldn’t find the exact ones I wanted so I purchased these that were very similar to what was on there previously.  I couldn’t make up my mind at #LeeValley, holy smokes they have a lot of handles!! I had tried my local Restore but found nothing.

side table 01I painted the handles and rubbed some of the paint off to show the burnished side. I love it, it would be so sweet in a livingroom, front hall or in a diningroom.

side table 02

so…….what I learned from MMS paint. I LOVE IT! Thanks to Jenna Ann from Fred and Bessie’s here in London for showing me how to use it!!

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