Chalk and Mineral Based Painting with Country Chic Paint!

I held a fun paint workshop  with a lovely group of women keen to learn the art of painting with chalk and mineral based paint.

snacks for guests

The first thing is to have some yummy snacks for the women to munch on while their paint dries. A good mix of healthy and not so healthy food! I figure we covered the major food groups!

practice boardsWe painted a first coat in Tropical Cocktail or Liquorice and let it dry.  I chose this type of board for the intricate detail in the wood so that they could see how to apply not only the Natural wax, but also the Antiquing wax and Gold wax. We used the wax brushes for the first two and our fingers for the gold! A little 2 oz pot of gold goes a long way……wish it would in my wallet too!! (ok, bad joke!!)

project makeover

One of our first time painters working away and enjoying her experience of taking an old wooden plate and adding some bling to it with the red colour Devotion from CCP.

Taking an old table and giving it zip

A happy DIYer working on her little side table. I thought the yoga pose was pretty amazing!! This gal really got the hang of it quickly but none of the participants had ever worked with this type of paint before and all were pretty amazed at the results.

Shabby Chic table

Her finished table done in Cheesecake. Beside it sits a metal plant holder that had one coat of paint, distressed and waxed!

Distressed frame

One of the ladies painted a dark frame and then used a wet cloth to distress it and then waxed. This is a very close view of the final look. It always reminds me that I forgot to take a before picture!Good grief!!! She was amazed at how they turned out since they were vintage frames from the 1980’s.

distressed vaseThis was previously a dark blacky brown colour. It looks great with just one coat of paint and some wax! Way to go Carol!

For more details about how to apply, distress and wax with Country Chic Paint, check out their website listed above. The tutorials are great.

If you want to attend one of my workshops, please contact me and we can book you in for a date!




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