To Market We Go

This past weekend was our first time at Ogilvie’s Food and Artisan Market. The owners of the market are trying to bring organic, small business’ to the north end of the city. There are some amazing foodies at the market. The challenge with markets, is actually keeping your money in your pocket and not rushing out to purchase everything that looks so yummy! Day One of our set up posed some interesting challenges.

ogilvies01For starters, we were not in need of our tent as they put us under their own. This posed the problem of having no white backdrop for our display which allows me to pin things onto it and draw the eye upwards as well to see our sign. So my hubby decided to whip down to Canadian Tire and pick up a drop cloth for me. Well, as you can see, it looks like we put a shower curtain up and doesn’t really add to the look of the stall.

ogilvies02I brought some of my painted pieces to sell and to show people how easy it is to upcycle your furniture. Vintage frames, side tables, coffee tables and shelves all have a new look thanks to Country Chic Paint and Muddaritaville Stencils. It is so easy to be a DIYer with this paint.

stencils and paint samples

It was fun to show people how to wax and distress wood. We used our clear, antiquing, and gold wax to show them ways to get different looks. I was surprised at how many people had heard about this type of painting but had not had the opportunity to use it. We are  going to have to do some workshops at Ogilvies.

stars in my eyes

I love this wooden star, I picked it up at a garage sale and it had a bunch of Christmas greenery on it! I pulled it off and voila, a little star on a star. I love that look.

It was a good start to the season. I have to admit my hubby filled in when I had some running around to do, I really love him for trying his had at this since he is new to the artisan market thing!



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