Cameras and Vintage Finds

Anyone who has been around me lately knows that I am in the mood for a new camera. I have a Nikon Coolpix but seem to be technologically challenged using it. I cannot seem to get the lighting right or I should admit, haven’t worked very hard at learning all about this gadget. So I decided to experiment with my weekend vintage finds and see if I could take better photos. You be the judge. What is your favorite camera?

I found these two lamps, they work and have a lovely glow to them. They have a milky essence, I guess because they are milk glass?!!

I love this old recipe box. I have a similar one that I purchased way back when I use to copy out recipes from friends and family.

I thought this made an excellent little change box for our vintage market or perhaps on a counter somewhere in the office storing paperclips and elastics.



I found these burlap coffee sacks and thought I would figure out what to do with them since I love the  look of burlap.


I just found this today. I love the detail and it is solid wood. I think I am going to paint it in vanilla frosting with some antiquing wax.

I found two old wooden sleds that I am going to cut up and make into signs. The wood is very well worn and rustic looking, perhaps some milk paint to give it a little wash.

This is part of a wreath I purchased at a thrift store. I wanted to try to perfect my ability to zoom with my camera. After about 15 shots, I finally figured it out!! I still think there must be a better way!!!


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