It’s Hard to Say Good-Bye!!

We all have that moment when we realize that change is coming, and although we may not welcome it, we are glad when it happens.  Last week I said good-bye to my Dodge Caravan (I am in no way paid to endorse Caravans). Let me take you back a bit. Back in the 1980’s I fell in love with Chrysler and drove a Dodge Omni to and from university.

If you are of a certain age, you will remember these. I could pack an entire room of furniture in the little hatch back and I did!

When I finally grew up, got married and started having kids I moved onto this gem!

It was boxy and great for lugging baby seats in an out. At the time, I use to fill it with yard sale finds, that is until I wore it out. In 2005 I moved on to this gem.

My sweet vehicle saw me through a divorce, three moves, countless yard sales, baseball games, kids birthday parties and most importantly…….

Helped this guy learn to drive! Albeit with mom holding on to the dashboard as we went around corners!

And most importantly made it easy to drive in our northern winters! However all good things must come to an end. It was time to upgrade in favour of a newer vehicle. While I appreciated feedback from all my friends on the merits of  SUV’s, I couldn’t imagine how I would ever get any of my “finds” into  one of those vehicles. And a car just wouldn’t do…so…………..I went back to the tried and true, my new baby!!!

My 2014 Caravan has already made me so happy. Lots of stow and go seating for the surprise piece of furniture I might stumble upon at a sale or packing the kids in for a trip to the park!!! So much fun, I can’t wait to see the places we’ll go!!!

2 responses to “It’s Hard to Say Good-Bye!!

  1. but you forgot to say “so when your husband says he needs a pickup truck to move all the stuff around you can say nah … just get ME one of these !”

    haha .. love you

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