Vintage is the New New!!


I love the picture with the caption “Vintage is the New New”! Vintage has always been a part of me. I thought it was fun to thrift shop when I was a kid, it was a necessity when my kids were small, and now, it is like a hunt for a piece of furniture that needs a little lovin’!  The internet has introduced me to all kinds of people just like myself. Thrifters and upcyclers of all ages and from all places. Each year a good friend of mine travels to France and combs the markets to find some amazing treasures. This year they began in Spain and will make their way to France


You can follow her travels by visiting her blog “Postcards from the Lot”. She is a wonderful writer giving us a taste of her adventures.

Here are some of her great pictures!

A little taste of what she and her beau do at 7am in the morning on vacation!!!


I can’t wait to see what she brings back to Canada, she has amazing taste and an eye for beauty! I wish she could pack a container for me and bring some furniture back but that might stress the friendship a bit much!!

2 responses to “Vintage is the New New!!

  1. Hi Wendy. Love your new venture and wishing you much success.
    We have now left Provence, arrived in Uzés (Languedoc Roussillon) yesterday.
    When we opened the door to our “pied à terre” for the next week, I thought of you. I will post some pics to you. Very shabby chic.
    Maybe next year we can all do a Brocante tour and fill a container!
    Saw some great stuff today!

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