Turn Down the Colour

I know everyone at some point in their life (ok, if you are over 45) has seen the end table that I show in my picture. I couldn’t resist purchasing them at my local thrift store, an experiment for me, with all the detailing on the drawer. I remember my parents having similar tables and begging them to throw them out before I brought my university friends home!! But here I found myself dragging them to the van and bringing them home.

In my excitement to try all the Country Chic Paint Colours, I decided to paint the tables in Tropical Cocktail and Lucious Lime! I really got into painting it and thought “Wow, great sunroom colours”!As I started I loved the look of the washed out lime, couldn’t get enough of it……so I kept on painting…….

And painting!!!

After I finished it, I didn’t like the combo……It was so loud….so now I am going back to the drawing board and covering it with a nice Bliss! You never can tell what something is going to look like until you are almost finished but thank goodness this paint just goes over top of anything to change the look in an instant!! And just when I was feeling a bit down over my choices, a friend called me to ask if I would like to come over and see her “antique furniture” she was getting rid of….ok…..mood is better!!



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