Paris on a Budget!

I remember going to visit a friend in England and expecting teacups with saucers, a proper English pot of tea and crumpets! Imagine my surprise when she threw a teabag in the cup and doused it with water. Added a bit of milk and handed it to me! Our dreams and perhaps assumptions of other cultures¬† quite often are taken from Hollywood movies that bear no resemblance to the modern day place. Having visited Paris five years ago, I was struck at how modern the decor was in private ateliers but my romantic mind always floated towards notions of a bygone area that may or may not have existed. This coffee table was one of those old brown ones that so many of my parent’s friends had in their homes. Country Chic paint and a little wax later and voila, une piece de restistance!!!!


The dimensions are 16 1/2 high

42 1/2 long

20 1/2 deep


I painted it with Country Chic Paint and love the results.

DSCN5684I can totally picture this in a lovely living room or sitting room ready for tea and goodies!

I hope you enjoy!



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