Ta Da! Now Get Me a Drink!

I finally finished painting my mid-century modern dresser. I can I tell you….it was a labour of love!! I don’t want to think of the hours that went into it. After all, it was my first attempt at stenciling a pattern. Let’s just say, I will take a break for awhile from it!

Remember the before?


I used Tropical Cocktail and Simplicity as my chosen colours from Country Chic Paint, which by the way, you can purchase off my site now!


I thought the Tropical Cocktail would add some pizazz to it, maybe work well for a girls bedroom or funky dresser in a cottage.


The stencil is Heidi Swap purchased at Michael’s craft store and repeated all along the drawers.

The final piece turned out well. I put a coat of primer on the piece before painting because it was shiny and had  some stains on it that I did not want those to bleed through (and btw, all chalk like paints need  a primer on this type of surface or you get bleed through). Two coats of paint and with clear wax, although I used top coat on the top because it repels moisture.



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