You Want To Come With Me????

It’s Saturday and I am up ready to go treasure hunting when my hubby pipes up that he would like to come along. Now, that may sound romantic, but this girl likes to thrift solo. I don’t appreciate anyone giving me advice when I am at tag sales let alone my hubby. However, I was pleased that he took such an interest in this little (addiction)  hobby of mine so I thought what the heck. I had to share my “rules of the road” with him prior to our first stop. Here are some of the vintage finds from today’s trip!

I LOVE this vintage fan!! It is so sweet and so rustic!

I just love the look of this little rustic birdhouse

 These two tin hanging baskets are so sweet

I just love the colours and the blue background. I can see a chair seat in this patter

One response to “You Want To Come With Me????

  1. Hi my husband and I have always dreamed of going to paris we are going in july. would like to know the cheap eats. I have heard you can eat on the streets. Any advice for newbies

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