Teatime in Winter!

We divide our time between a house in the city and a cottage a couple of hours away. This year, we decided to winterize our cottage so we would have a little getaway destination when the days are shorter and colder! Despite a bit of a draft in certain corners of the cottage, it has worked well but has made me very aware of the elements!! And…given me lots of time to drink tea. I thought I would share some of my favorite vintage teacups

a little hint of spring and refinement when it is -6 Celcius.


This was given to me by a lovely older lady that I know. It was her mother’s so it must be quite old and is so pretty. I love the flowers on the inside of the cup.

This cup belonged to my mother. It was common in 1962 to give the bride a teacup for a wedding shower gift. This one is bold and busy and I love it!

Underneath every cup and saucer is the place it was made, by whom and sometimes there is a number painted on the bottom to indicate the pattern.

A picture of my parents…I can’t say that I have ever seen my dad sip tea from one of the fancy cups, but he looked dashing and refined on this day back in 1962!

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